Inhaling, followed by a shrill cry on exhaling – this first cry at birth becomes an inspiration, a declaration, our striking statement to the world about our mission.

Assa inhales life and exhales an image: bold, contrasting, wise, reflecting the experience of her soul, offering a new masterpiece. The artist is filled with the need to devote herself generously to her talent.

In constant search for meaning, the painter gives birth to her art with a pattern entwining colors, ornaments, cultures, time: Man, animal, creativity colored with strong realism - the legacy of previous eras - are the imprint of an in–depth research.

Thus, the artist creates her own identity while remaining an integral part of the world.

Her every single work contributes to the development of visual language, penetrating into the very essence from the first sight.

Each of her paintings invites the contemplative soul of the viewer to feel the throbbing of the heart arising before words.
Emotions are much more sincere and louder than mere words. The universe is responsive only to emotions, that is why God, though deaf to your speech, hears your feelings! He sees your anger or your j oy but most of all, he sees your love.
The artist becomes the bridge between the creator, your world and time.
The artist becomes the bridge between the creator, your world and time.

AssA is an artist with a unique technique that combines traditional oil painting and modern experimental materials. The artist picks up the brush when a vision or an idea comes to her. Her way of perpetuating art is to remain free and preserve her creativity .

Her motto: sincerity and value. Could human beings be mere living yarns weaving their own reality? Whatever his path of life, man will one day disappear, and only what he has woven and created will remain after him. As in a surgical operation, man is likened to a thread creating a fabric without his having the slightest idea. You have disappeared, but thanks to you, the canvas remains unaltered.

However, what is the point of a yarn? What is its function if not just to be a thread? As in the weaving loom, the patterns on the fabric appear gradually, thread after thread, at each turn of the spinning wheel. The fabric is a metaphor for our world, where we are only threads. Every man, beast or spirit fight for their own existence. Taken individually though, the creatures are sometimes meaningless and even completely invisible. Nonetheless the fabric into which they are woven as an integral part becomes a multicolored canvas, radiant and frightening, incomprehensible and elusive to all except to God.

If man, the creator of the motif and yet a part of it, turns away from the pattern and looks to an uncertain future, then he sees nothing but the decay and destruction of his own mortal nature.

Being involved in something greater… is the Essence.