My childhood in distant Russia was the starting point of life. As a child, I loved to contemplate my mother’s hands, staring at her face, gazing at every single detail, catching every line, every curve.
The movement of wheat spikes from the playful wind in the field, the dance of a falling leaf, flocks of birds forming unusual shapes in the sky, ripples on the water from a thrown pebble, shadows – all this was captivating and seemed to be something significant.

My first discoveries about concentration on small things began then, opening up the whole world, the whole universe for me. The suggested set of colours or of pencils in a box always appeared to be limited to choose from. My natural sense of colour and nuance wanted more – brighter and distinct.

As an adult, I was haunted by existential questions such as: Who am I? Who am I at heart? What is my real nature? I sought the answers to these questions during my travels which broadened my horizons and gave me inner freedom and courage. Different cultures, lifestyles, traditions and their influence on people’s attitudes toward life filled, changed and revealed the painter in me. Craving for art, I gained strong insights as I acquainted myself with the works of great masters in world-famous museums.
The artist becomes the bridge between the creator, your world and time.
Once I was completely immersed in a painting, a sculpture, or any piece of art, I saw more than anyone else. Such moments gave me the impression that time was slowing down, allowing my internal dialogue to begin.

This is an intimate conversation with the creator of the painting or sculpture; a conversation through centuries and eras about time, values, history. You ask questions, receive answers and vice versa, you answer questions in return through the prism of modernity; this dialogue changes over the course of your life as you mature and your takes on things and phenomena alter.

Essentially, the ideal (initially fleeting and negligible small idea) turns into something material, capable of outliving its creator for hundreds of years.

How is that possible? Man passes away but a thought does not. He leaves behind something everlasting.

Then the realization dawned on me that a work of art is more than just an object – it is a treasure trove of senses. From my perspective therefore, any painting, sculpture or artwork acquires a greater volume in perception through time.

The moment of «epiphany» came when I understood and felt with certainty that art is what gives maximum pleasure, energy and meaning.

I decided to study at the School of Applied Arts in Nice, France. That was a life-changing decision for me. Years of study there made me undergo a global internal transformation. With gratitude and an insatiable appetite, I allowed new knowledge to come in, absorbed various skills and joyfully explored secret corners of my soul, revealing super power and energy to create.

Nevertheless, it is common knowledge that any discoveries occur by overcoming fears, doubts, feelings of diffidence in front of a clean, boundless white canvas. The scariest part was to start. Whenever I conquered my fears, the magical power of art was uncovered and there was no place for disbeliefs or concerns. As a means to overcome those fears completely, each time before the birth of a new masterpiece, I started with bold, impulsive, chaotic brushstrokes that turned into the painting that needed only clarification and details afterwards.

Today it is more of a gentle tremor and sparkling inspiration in front of a blank canvas, sensations that have nothing in common with fear. The path that I went through has influenced me not only as a painter, but my personality as well.

I perceive art as a language that literally conveys energy and feelings. It is not expressed by definite logical articulations of the verbal language, by formulas or algorithms but by means of images, contrasts, lines, colours, etc.

At this moment in time I have already had the experience of individual and collective exhibitions in France, Italy, Monaco, Japan; I am a painter-member of the National Committee of Monaco of the International Association of Plastic Arts to UNESCO under the patronage of Prince Albert II.

Art lovers from England, Japan and France have my works in their private collections.

Yes, I dreamed it. Yes, I believed it. My every painting is saturated with my energy and you will find a part of me in each one.